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Welcome To Our Homepage

Masters of Starcraft is a Clan devoted to Custom Maps and making an already superb games maps better.
I will give you a brief discription of all our pages.

The Downloads page is where you can find any maps we've made or goodies that you can easily download.

The Members Area is where you can find a list of all the members in our clan since this can change easily you should check up on it at least once a week important dates and new events will also be there.

Recent Updates

May 26, 2003

Seth:Well I've Wiped most of the site and started the redesign Lingos been gone for some time so anything with his name is erelevant.

LiNgo: Just updated members/picture gallery/index page/rules, minor script update, added a "Add to favorites link" on the index page, too lazy to go favorites add, just click on it and your done. mostly non important updates, I'm planning to get a Forum/Message board up so we cna post also looking into getting a scroll box for these posts :D ttyl :p

November 11, 2002

Seth: Well i made a small update tonight i added more description to my Dark Venom Campaign maps Im SPECIAL TOO DAMMIT! lol man I'm still laughing about that
P. S. I put the paragraph brake in this time :-

November 11, 2002

LiNgo: Made some minor changes to members/index/downloads page, color changes and all maybe not worth mentioning but Im SPECIAL TOO DAMMIT! :P have a nice day

November 11, 2002

Seth: Hey it's Me again today I zipped all my maps and fixed the downloads so now all you have to do is click download unzip and enjoy. I also added a clock to the homepage and added the guest book and a counter telling us how many times people visited our site to bad we ourselves are going to roll up the numbers ;p if you'd like to see the clock abolished or put on other pages plz leave a comment on the guest book if its not up by that night it will be on the next day freewebspace takes a while too update the site to any changes made :( and any inapropriate comments will be removed from the guestbook as soon as we notice them.

November 10, 2002

LiNgo: This is my first update too. I just finished the Downloads section of the site along with the banner on the main page that seth "messed up" :p hehe no problem. you can now download from them just remember to right click and choose save target as, sorry visitors, you'll have to do that until we zip them and it lets you download them that way.

P.S Seth Only edit the updates through html, the editor resets everything to default so i'll have to keep editing the banner if you keep using the the basic editor on the main members page thing

November 10, 2002

Seth: This is my first update I've got the members list basics up and have uploaded most of my campaign Maps waiting for Lingo to put them on the downloads page I also added this updates section and set up most of the home page sorry about the banner Lingo didnt know the editor would delete it my bad you can get it up again though right?

P. S. this is my update color so all future updates will be in this color with out my name Lingo you have to pick another color this ones taken :)

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